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April 2010


 The International Spine Association (ISA) announces the release of its Online Public Information Center (PIC). This resource was designed to educate healthcare professionals and the public about the spine, spinecare and the role of spine specialists. The database was achieved through the efforts of a team of graphic artists, computer programmers, medical writers and physician consultants. The PIC represents one of the largest multimedia databases of need-to-know information about the spine and spinecare. The database consists of over 20 main headings and 500 subtitles. The PIC content is periodically updated.

The ISA offers information script sheets/pads for healthcare specialists to give to their patients. They were developed to help professionals direct their patients to relevant topics on the PIC which offers concise, easy to read, peer-reviewed information.  Example search topics include spine disorders, treatment options, and self-help topics. This resource is helpful for physician and the heathcare professional who is not a spine specialist. The American Acadmey of Spine Physicans predicts that the ISA online Public Information Center will become one if not the most highly recommended website by spine specialists.

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