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April 2010


The American Acadmey of Spine Physicians (AASP) recognizes the importance of each member of the spinecare team whether unified under one roof or networked. The AASP has subsequently expanded its membership categories to include non-physician members of the spinecare team. This includes allied healthcare professional such as physical therapists, physician assistants, registered nurses, diagnostic imaging technologists/technicians, massage therapists and personal fitness trainers. The AASP felt that it was in the best interest of patients and the public for all members of the spinecare team to have access to continuing education opportunities, patient education resources, and to professional credentialing. Allied healthcare professionals are eligible to join the Academy as an Affiliate Member.   

The AASP encourages the development of multidisciplinary spinecare teams. To help members achieve this task the Academy provides a variety of resources.  Allied healthcare professionals are entitled to be listed on the International Directory of Spinecare Specialists which offers a full page professional profile.  The Academy also provides an online Career Center for those who wish to advance their role in spinecare. To help non-physician members enhance their recognition the AASP developed educational brochures outlining the important role of non-physican specialists in spinecare.  The AASP encourages all of its physician members to invite other individuals on their spinecare team to become members of the Academy.  

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