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March 2010


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) recognizes the benefits of networking resources in spinecare. In this evolving healthcare environment it is important for spine specialists to use all available resources to expose the services they offer.  Educational and marketing approaches can no longer be limited to local communities but must extend much further. People are generally willing to travel to see a specialist. The AASP has embedded social networking resources into its website. This includes integration of social networking sites such as LinkedIn, You Tube, Twitter, My Space, and Facebook.   

Social networking sites allow for the delivery of information to target groups through the use of filtering mechanisms.  Networking sites provide the spine specialist with a unique opportunity to network with other healthcare professionals and develop referral relationships. Social networking facilitates the sharing of information such as pictures, brochures, videos, fact sheets, and other educational materials. Favorite links can be shared with others. Users can also be drawn in to your practice profile. There are also many online resources which can be used to directly broadcast “need-to-know” information and to distribute resources provided by the AASP and the International Spine Association (ISA). One of the most successful and well-known sites for this purpose is You Tube.  

Online networking is sometimes referred to as “viral marketing” because of the rapid multidirectional spread of information. With the simple push of a few buttons on a computer keyboard you can distribute information quicker and to a larger audience than major television networks a few years ago. Online networking has become a powerful tool which is and will continue to influence personal health and the practice of spinecare.  

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