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February 2010


Research has shown that the majority of patients go to the internet to learn more about health and their medical conditions. This includes spine and related conditions. This is a growing trend, one that will continue to influence the practice of medicine and all areas of spinecare. It is the responsibility of healthcare professionals to help their patients' access accurate information online. 
Members of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP), have online access to a downloadable spine information script form to help direct their patients to accurate information about their spine disorder. Each script format provides a list of common spine disorders with a check box next to each (diagnosis). The attending healthcare professional simply marks the box of the disorder or disorders that their patient has. The script directs the patient to the online Public Information Center (PIC) of the International Spine Association (ISA).  The PIC represents a large multimedia database of "need-to-know" information about the spine, spine disorders and available spinecare. The content of the PIC is managed by the International Spine Association (ISA). The AASP is one of the primary content providers for the ISA. 

All patients with a chronic spine disorder should be encouraged to become a member of the International Spine Association (ISA). Members receive a regular informative eNewsletter and can access up-to-date information online 24/7. Basic membership with the ISA is FREE. 

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