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July 2008



Many members of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) have requested permission to place an Academy logo on their practice websites. To serve its members, the AASP has developed a logo which can be used as a click through to the homepage of the AASP website. This helps add informational depth to member’s professional websites. This valuable internet resource is referred to as the AASP Plugin Logo. There is no charge for use of the Plugin in Logo on member websites. This resource is included as a member benefit.


To help prevent misuse of the Academy logo by inactive members and companies, the academy has implemented technology to protect the rights of the AASP members. Programming code has been attached to the logo which has logic allowing for display of the logo while membership is current. If member status with the academy lapses, the logo will not appear on the website, and every time the page is displayed, the member and the AASP Office of Member Services will be notified by email or fax. The AASP tracks and monitors online logo use. Members must request the logo plugin via the AASP website https://spinephysicians.org/aasplogorequest.cfm


If you are using the AASP logo without proper authorization from the Academy, you are misrepresenting your relationship with the AASP and are violating federal copyright/trademark law.  If you are not a current member and wish to apply or reapply for membership, please contact the AASP membership office at (847) 697-4660. 

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