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February 2008


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP), is becoming more and more widely recognized, thus companies and healthcare professionals are choosing to acknowledge their affiliation with the AASP in many ways. In general, this trend is favorable for the Academy and its membership, although in isolated cases it has lead to some misuse of the AASP name, logo and information on the Internet.  To help protect the integrity of the organization and its members, the AASP performs periodic audits of the use of AASP representation and the AASP logo on the Internet. The findings are be submitted to the AASP Executive Director. These findings will then be forwarded either to the Director of Member Services or to the AASP Legal Division for further action.  

The AASP just completed its first online audit. This process confirmed many forms of misrepresentation and unauthorized use of information. The most common misrepresentation is the physician is not a current member of the AASP and who lists themselves as an active member on their website or on online directories. In many cases this probably represents an honest oversight. These individuals will receive a courtesy phone call and/or a notice of consideration and will be expected to correct the matter. A few companies were found to be misrepresenting the AASP as a sponsor or endorser of one or more their products. These matters will be handled aggressively.


The Academy requests that each member and former member periodically reassess their use of AASP information to make sure they are representing the AASP and their current membership status accurately.


If you find that you have incorrectly listed yourself as an active member online there are three ways the matter can be resolved.

1. Renew membership and regain an active status.

2. Delete any and all misrepresentations of your current relationship with the AASP on your website and any other marketing materials including your letterhead, patient educational materials, resume and online directories.



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