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February 2008


The American Academy of Spine Physicans (AASP) designs and develops educational resources, including brochures. These resources are used to educate healthcare professionals, businesses, patients, the public, and spine specialists in training. The professional appearance of the brochures, their content and the unifying branding effect helps to facilitate an integrated approach to spinecare between professionals and between physicians and their patients. The resources also serve as constant reminder of the AASP and member’s commitment to excellence in spinecare. The use of AASP brochures is limited to active members.   

The AASP currently provides members with access to more than 45 brochures, each of which can be downloaded from the member area of the AASP website as needed. Three new patient education brochures were recently added to the growing list. The brochures are titled: Spine Rehabilitation “, Conservative Spinecare”, “Spinal Facet Syndrome”, and “Sleep and the Spine”. Each brochure topic comes with the AASP logo on the cover (logo version) and with a picture on the cover (deco version).  The content is the same in each brochure. The Academy is committed to expanding the list of available brochures and improving the ones which have been made available.


Please click on the brochure title you wish to review.

  •     Conservative Spinecare
  •     Spinal Facet Syndrome
  •     Sleep and the Spine
  •     Spine Rehabilitation

 The AASP welcomes your comments and recommendations for additional brochure topics. Please click here to send a message to the Academy.

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