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August 2007


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) proudly is working with Hewlett Packard (HP) as its Technology Partner.  HP is a company with a global presence known for product innovation and reinvention. They currently represent one of the largest Information Technology (IT) providers in the world and will represent an important contributor to the National Spinecare Awareness Initiative. HP has agreed to help the AASP move information to professionals and the public about the spine and available spinecare through the use of technology.


HP has provided the AASP and its members with an interactive online portal which is a link to high-tech products, including personal computers, servers, storage devices, printers, and networking equipment. HP will help keep the AASP and its members updated on emerging trends in internet technology and communications through online notices and articles.  Their representatives and corporate partners will help the AASP innovate new ways to move information.

HP has developed special bundled technology resources for AASP members. To help accomplish this task A Virtual Online Planning Resource is also being developed as a tool designed to assist the AASP member plan the integration of new technology in the clinical setting. It will be interactive and can be used to estimate the cost of implementation. The planning resource will be directly linked to the HP portal. The AASP and HP will continue to work together to help transform spinecare practices to the practice of the future by providing access to technology and informational databases which can be integrated and used in the office setting.

Bundled integrated technology resources being developed for AASP members will include a Public Relations Kit, Patient Education Center, Practice Technology Package and Mobile Education Cart. Individual products and technology packages can be accessed by going to the HP portal on the AASP website home page.

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