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March 2007


The AASP is committed to educating patients, physicians and the public about the spine, spinecare and the role of spine specialists. To help accomplish these goals, the AASP has brought together a team of graphic artists, computer programmers, medical writers and physician consultants to develop one of the largest multimedia databases of need-to-know information about the spine and spinecare. This online database is referred to as the online Public Information Center (PIC). It will replace the current patient information online.

This database of information consists of 15 sections with over 250 subtitles and will represent one of the most exhaustive databases on the spine anywhere.  This information will be made available to the public online through the
American Academy of Spine Physicians, the International Spine Association (ISA), and the American Spine Association (ASA), a Division of the ISA. The PIC may also be accessible through AASP member websites.


To enhance patient education, the AASP also will make available condition look up script pads for physicians.  This will be particularly helpful to the primary care physician who is not a spine specialist. These script pads are designed to allow the physician to mark condition(s) and direct the patient to the online Public Information Center (PIC) for concise, easy to read, and peer- reviewed information.  A notice of script pad availability will be sent out to all AASP members


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