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March 2007


Spine-related health problems continually represent one of the single greatest areas of inefficiency in the American health care system. Over 50 billion dollars a year is spent in the United States for back-related problems. Many potentially unnecessary surgeries are performed each year while other spine disorders go untreated simply because of misinformation and lack of patient education.


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is preparing to address these concerns by launching one of the most aggressive spinecare awareness campaigns ever attempted by any single group or organization.   Multiple strategic initiatives will be implemented during 2007 to educate patients, physicians and the public about the spine, spinecare and the role of spine specialists.  The AASP will work with the assistance of its members, its corporate Partners, Educational Partners and the International Spine Association (ISA) to accomplish its goals. A task force will be assigned to develop resources for the colleges where spine physicians of the future are being trained. Through the help of its educational Partners and preferred vendors, the AASP will launch six initiatives in 2007 to reach patients, physicians, the public and physicians in training.

The mission of the National Spinecare Awareness Campaign is to improve the outcome of spinecare by:

  • Facilitating conservative and cooperative spinecare.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary communication and referral relationships
  • Providing accessible educational opportunities for the patient, the public and physicians
  • Offering unique opportunities for physicians to develop their practices utilizing leading edge technology and accessing informational databases
  • Bringing attention to the critical role of the chiropractic physician and the neurosurgeon in spinecare.

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