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December 2006


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is in the process of developing and preparing strategies to launch an aggressive public relations campaign during 2007. To assist in this endeavor, the AASP has hired a public and professional relations company who has begun working full time on this endeavor.  In the past, the focus has been placed on developing member benefits and continuing education resources for physicians. The 2007 public awareness .initiative will include the publication of a book for the public. The text will serve as a printed extension of the online database used to develop the AASP Public Information Center (PIC) located at http://www.spine.info/ and at https://spinephysicians.org/. . The content of the book has been acquired from the more than 500 pages of text and numerous graphics created for the online PIC. The book and PIC will contain “need-to-know” information about the spine, spine disorders, diagnostic procedures, treatment options and self-help considerations.


The AASP is also developing Public Awareness resources for its member physicians. These resources include but are not limited to letters of introduction to other healthcare professionals, press releases, brochures, appointment cards, informative wall posters, power point slide programs and plug-in website content. Most of the resources will be available on CD but can also be available through the restricted member area of the AASP website.  The AASP publication for patients and the public will also be made available to AASP members at a discounted price. The content of the book will coincide with content on the online AASP Public Information Center and AASP member websites.


The book and other initiative resources will provide a tremendous opportunity for AASP members to inform their patients and members of their community about spinecare. The public relations resources will also bring attention to the AASP, to the National Directory of Spine Physicians and to the role of AAASP in spinecare.


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