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October 2006


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has developed a strategic alliance with Framing Success, a company which specializes in providing custom matting and framing for professionals. Framing success has been a market leader and innovator since 1989.  They are affiliated with over 1000 Universities and Associations.  Framing Success and the AASP have collaborated on the implementation of four custom mat and frame products which can be used for any or all of the AASP certificates issued by the AASP including the Member, Diplomate and Fellow certificates.

Compared to custom frame shops, Framing Success prices are considerably less expensive yet their frames are of the highest quality,

featuring genuine hard wood and elegant finishes.  The official AASP Logo or American College of Spine Physicians logo will be embossed into the custom mat in silver or gold.  Due to the relationship, Framing

Success is offering AASP members a generous discount on frames.  There is no need to send your documents or travel several times to a frame shop. These custom frames are designed so that you can insert your own diploma or certificate quickly and easily. This is particularly useful for accessing and updating certificates in the future. Order from the comfort of your home or office and Framing Success will ship directly to you. The AASP will be adding a section on the website to help facilitate this process.

For more information on taking advantage of this program, contact Virginia McFadden of Framing Success at 800-200-2044 or Kim Dorsey of the AASP at 847-697-4660.  You may visit Framing Success at www.framingsuccess.com.

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