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July 2006


I am truly enjoying the benefits of my membership with the AASP. I appreciate all the effort your webmaster made to move my clinic website to your AASP server. The new format and revision of my web pages gave my site a cleaner more professional look. My website on the AASP has wonderful educational tools for patients seeking information on dozens of common spinal problems and it is easy to use.


The new appointment and preregistration features have turned some of the traffic from the site into real patients calling for appointments; it is no longer just for curious website visitors. Patients make a commitment when they complete the online form. The referral feature also helps my patients to refer their friends. We are building our database for a web newsletter.


I am using the new educational brochure and the diagnosis check off list as part of my report of findings. My patient's are going on the Internet and are returning to my AASP website to find out more about their spine problems. Having the information available online has reduced the amount of time I need to spend explaining the various spinal disorders.


I have encouraged several of my chiropractic and neurosurgical colleagues to join the AASP. I think the potential for professional synergy is tremendous. It is a wonderful platform for both of our professions. We will grow closer together in this cooperative effort, and the patients we serve will certainly benefit. AASP has become a trusted source for me to find a doctor for patient seeking referrals.


I truly believe AASP is more than a marketing tool; it is an area of common ground for both our patients and for professional education. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help. -Dr. David C. Radford (Visit at http://www.backtalk.ws/)


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