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May 2006


The Chicago Neuroscience & Spine Institute (CNSI) scheduled to open its doors on July 5th of this year has made arrangements for all of its members to apply for membership to the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP).   CNSI is a multidisciplinary Spine Institute committed to providing conservative and cooperative spinecare consistent with the mission of the AASP.  The new facility will incorporate neurological specialists and 12 chiropractic physicians during its initial phase of development.  It is projected that by the end of 2006 CNSI will be one of the largest single practice spinecare facilities in the country.  CNSI is committed to integrating the activities of its members to help facilitate the delivery of efficient spinecare and to educate the public and patients.  The administrators of CNSI recognize the benefits of utilizing AASP membership and resources to help integrate the members, educate the community, achieve specialty recognition, expand the project and ultimately improve the delivery of spinecare.  CNSI looks forward to implementing AASP resources including but not limited to physician website content, publications, press releases and AASP Public Awareness Resources. 

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