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May 2006


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is dedicated to providing educational resources to its members to help them educate their patients the members of their community.  To assist in this effort the AASP is expanding its archive of downloadable slide programs for members.  The slide programs are developed in Microsoft Powerpoint, a universally available and user friendly format.  The programs are well organized and the messages concise. The slide programs do not have to be used in their entirety. Individual slides can be copied and posted into another slide program. Personalized slides can be placed into existing AASP slide programs.


The online library of slide programs was established to assist the member in their educational efforts. The current programs are appropriate for use with patients and the general public, serving as an introduction to the member, the AASP, the role of the spine physicians and the need for cooperative spinecare. Additional slide programs will be developed for use with patients, the general public and to help educate healthcare professionals.  The programs will be archived by topic and can easily be reviewed online prior to downloading.  Most of the slide programs currently available can be used by the member at no additional cost above their annual membership fee.  Free access to online downloadable AASP slide programs alone justifies the annual AASP membership fee 


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