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May 2006


The web programming team for the AASP recently designed and implemented technology which can be used for scheduling and completing new patient paperwork online.  This new resource was used on a few select member sites during the last month.  The members who used the feature reported that it was easy to use and resulted in new patients.  The programming team has pulled the resource and will complete the development process.  The AASP will soon make the resource available to all members for use on their customizable AASP website. 

The new feature can be accessed by the user online by simply clicking on an icon (button) titled Schedule an Appointment. The user can access basic intake paperwork such as contact information, the reason for scheduling as well as their family and personal history. The completed forms can then be sent to the member office with the simple click of a button.  The forms will also be made available in a downloadable format for those who would rather printout the forms, fill them out and hand deliver them to the member physician’s office.  The addition of this website feature combined with placing their website address on marketing material and educational resources has lead to practice growth and new patients.  The AASP plans to develop formats for online questionnaires which will be made available to the membership in the near future.



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