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June 2005


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) continues to consult with the Marine Military Academy (MMA) on the addition of a Biomotion Lab to their existing world class Human Performance Lab. The proposed Biomotion lab will incorporate digital video, sophisticated motion analysis software and a viewing amphitheatre. It will serve as a valuable edition to the neuromuskular testing facility. Dr George Dohrmann and Dr. David Durrant both of the AASP continue to participate in the design of the lab and the evaluation opportunities. The proposed resources of the Biomotion Lab can be used to assess an individual’s neuromuscular performance on and off the athletic field. Evaluation will include assessment of sports performance, posture, balance and gait. The findings can be correlated with spinal and extremity function. Multiple digital camera setups will allow for 3-dimensional analysis and sophisticated sports/performance analysis playback.

The Biomotion Lab will serve as invaluable tool for the coaches and athletic programs of the Academy. Onsite facilities are available so that performance playback can be displayed in a dedicated amphitheater on a large format screen to participants in the studies and to the team of individuals interpreting the data. Analysis software is available to provide detained analysis during playback. This process provides information which will help to reduce the risk for injury and to enhance physical performance.

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