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June 2004


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) announced plans to help expand the testing facilities at the Human Performance Lab (HPL) located at the Marine Military Academy. The AASP has been involved with the establishment of the HPL since its inception. With the help of AASP the MMA has one of the most capable neuromuscular testing facilities in the country.

The HPL project has been divided into four primary phases of development. The first phase, the neuromuscular testing facility is completed. Both large and small muscle groups can be assessed in the lab.  The completion of all four phases will allow for comprehensive assessment including but not limited to region-specific neuromuscular testing, gait assessment, and comprehensive movement analysis. 

The four proposed phases of development are phase 1: the Neuromuscular Performance Center, phase 2: the Gait Assessment Center, phase 3 the Integrated Biomechanics Center (Field Testing), and phase 4 the Video Biomotion Review Center,  Phase three of the project will incorporate the use of an advanced digital video capture system. Phase 4, the Biomotion review center will essentially be a theater with a large screen and a digital projector which is linked to the lab’s computer database. The Biomotion Review Center can be used to analyze and review integrated movement and athletic performance as it relates to other categories of testing

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