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April 2004


The American Academy of Spine Physicians recently integrated sophisticated fax software with the already interactive website. This was done to improve the efficiency of communication with the membership. The fax software will be used to expand and deliver member resources. A high percentage of members prefer email communication but some will also appreciate receiving hard copy correspondence by fax.

The AASP will continue to expand member services and resources and wants to be sure each member is aware of what is available. In the near future the AASP newsletter will be sent via email and by fax. The AASP staff encourages all members to review their online profile to ensure that the AASP has the correct fax number as well as the correct email address.

Fax communication will also keep each member’s office manager informed of the services available for the member’s practice. The AASP encourages its members to introduce the AASP to their office managers. In the last few months an Office Mangers Guide to Implementing the Initiative Resources was provided. At the request of the membership the AASP will continue to develop implementation resources for the Office Managers. 

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