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The 3 Basics of Purchasing a Traditional or Memory Foam Mattress

People spend 1/3 of of their lives in bed, yet all too often they neglect to invest in a quality mattress. Poor mattresses do not provide the body with the support and cushion needed to maintain proper spine position and a healthy back. Rather than allow your body to repair daily the spine wear and tear during the American Academy of Spine Physicians recommends purchasing a quality mattress such as a memory foam mattress in their list of 30 tips for better spine health. Bad mattresses can cause further spine damage and are a leading cause of aching back. That's why According to the American Academy of Spine Physicians, it is very important to "Invest in a Good Pillow

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and Mattress." But what defines a good mattress? Whether you prefer a memory foam mattress, or traditional non memory foam spring mattress, be sure your bed meets these three basics below.

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3 Basics of a Good Mattress

1. A good mattress does not sag, hammock or pit in the middle - Sagging in the center of a mattress leaves your spine no choice but to bow rather than remain in a natural, neutral position. Many plush spring mattresses have a habit of bowing in the center under weight and should be avoided.

2. A good mattress can effectively reduce pressure points - Mattresses that do not contour your body to reduce pressure points such as hips and shoulders will force your spine to bend.

3. A good mattress should absorb vibration - Sharing a bed with a significant other can often be disrupting due to vibrations caused by tossing and turning. A good mattress will minimize the transfer of vibration and increase quality of sleep.

Luckily for today's bed shoppers, the mattress industry as a whole has improved, and many mattresses will meet the 3 basics of a good mattress. One reason for the improvement in the mattress has been the increased popularity of memory foam mattresses which have from the get go surpassed the 3 basics. So when you decide to invest in your next mattress, memory foam or traditional, make sure your selection meets the 3 basics of a good mattress.

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