For the Student / Resident....

Welcome to the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) home page for students, residents and Fellows.  This page is made available to provide an organized list of resources that can be accessed by students, residents or Fellows that may wish to become a candidate member of the AASP.

The AASP is committed to providing students, residents and surgical Fellows with an opportunity to become a member of the AASP prior to starting practice. The AASP provides them numerous resources to give the candidate member a head start in practice. The AASP also provides the Candidate member with an opportunity to participate in continuing education and credentialing while they are in training. The candidate member has access to a variety of additional resources including the ability to develop interdisciplinary relationships, locate job opportunities and participate in the AASP Buying Advantage Program. The buying advantage program could help save the new graduate thousands of dollar in the equipment and supply purchases. 


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