For the Educational Sponsors....

Welcome to the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) home page for educational sponsors. This page provides an organized list of resources that can be accessed by current or potential AASP educational sponsors.

The AASP is committed to working with its educational and corporate partners to educate physicians, patients and the public.  With the assistance of its educational sponsors and partners, the Academy is better able to inform the public about the broad spectrum of diagnostic, therapeutic and self- help options in spinecare.

The AASP is also committed to implementing methods and technologies to help inform the public about companies and their spinecare related products and services. The AASP actively brings attention to spinecare products and services that are effective, affordable, and practical for use by physicians and the public. The AASP acknowledges all of its educational sponsors and partners through various online and printed publications.


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