Internet Technology For the Spine Physician

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is committed to developing internet technology and educational resources for its members. One of the most important steps in this process is the ongoing development of a peer reviewed database of consistent information about the spine and about spinecare. The AASP offers user-friendly web resources, which can be used to effectively search for information, broadcast practice information, and assist the patient and the public in retrieving information about the spine and spine health.

The AASP has developed and incorporated numerous technological advances such as online informational search engines, personalizing formats for information to be downloaded to a printer, the electronic book (eBook), the online build your own press release program, online audiovisual tutorials, electronically graded online tests and the highly interactive AASP member website. The AASP is working on an advanced interactive graphics program which patients and the public can use to learn more about spine conditions and spine care.  The AASP is working on the “Smart Viewbox” a wireless computer display which can be placed on the wall next to the traditional viewbox (lightbox) with access to the entire AASP database of educational resources, audiovisual programs and graphics.

The AASP provides an unprecedented opportunity for members to obtain and use technology which would be cost prohibitive for them to have developed. One example is the member which incorporates numerous technologies. The AASP database is continually being updated with new information and search functions.  The digital database provides virtually seamless physician, public and patient access to information from the members own website. This impressive opportunity provides each AASP member with an informative and up to date website with a minimum of cost and effort. 

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