For the Non-Physician Members of the Spinecare Team....

The American Academy of Spine Physicians expanded its membership categories in 2007 to include non-physician members of the spinecare team. This includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, physician assistants, massage therapists and spine researchers/scientists (PhD). The AASP felt that it was in the best interest of the patients and the public for all members of the spinecare team to have access to continuing educational opportunities, patient education materials and to professional credentialing. The AASP is committed to developing additional resources to help the spine specialists distinguishing themselves in their healthcare community.


The AASP also expanded its membership to help ensure that spine specialists of various disciplines have an opportunity to work together within the same setting or via interdisciplinary referral. To help accomplish this goal, the AASP has made arrangements for all of its members to be listed on various online Directories. The AASP also developed educational brochures about the role of various disciplines in spinecare.


The AASP provides all of its members with access to a spine conditions script pad. Each script pad provides directions leading to the online Public Information Center (PIC).  The AASP is one of the greatest contributors of information to the International Spine Association (ISA) and its online Public Information Center (PIC). The ISA has one of the largest online searchable databases of information about the spine.


The ISA is committed to disseminating need-to-know information through the World Wide Web in numerous languages covering many topics related to the spine including information about spine disorders, spine health, advances in technology and available spinecare. The ISA also provides information about other Spine Organizations and an International Directory of Back Care Products.


The AASP encourages all members of the spinecare team to urge individuals with chronic spine conditions to become a member of the ISA.  There are many public member benefits including access to updated information about spine conditions and their treatment. Membership also provides access to a regular eNewsletter publication with spinecare tips as well as diagnostic and treatment breakthroughs.


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