Spine-related health problems continually represent one of the single greatest areas of inefficiency in the American health care system. Over 50 billion dollars a year is spent in the United States for back-related problems. Many potentially unnecessary spine operations are performed each year while other spine disorders go untreated simply because of misinformation and lack of patient education.


The prevalence of spine and related disorders has grown to epidemic proportions. Back pain has become one of the most common reasons for seeing a doctor. The direct and indirect cost of back care in the US is estimated to be greater than 100 billion dollars per year. Approximately 80% of the U.S. population will experience a back problem at some time in their lives. There are more than 200,000,000 patient visits to chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons every year for spine-related problems. This estimate does not include visits to primary care physicians for back pain and it does not include estimated visits to other spinecare specialists. . Most of these individuals will go to the internet to search subjects related to back pain and spinecare.


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is preparing to address these concerns by launching one of the most aggressive spinecare awareness campaigns ever attempted by any single group or organization.  The Campaign and various initiatives were launched during 2007.  Multiple strategic initiatives will be implemented during 2008 to educate patients, physicians and the public about the spine, spinecare and the role of spine specialists.  The AASP will work with the assistance of its members, its Corporate Partners, Educational Sponsors and the International Spine Association (ISA) to accomplish it goals.




The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is one of the largest professional organizations of its kind, representing physicians of various disciplines who care for the spine. The organization is dedicated to “shaping the future of spinecare” and to providing educational opportunities and resources to patients, physicians and the public. The organization leading to the development of the AASP was founded in 1995 by neurosurgeons and chiropractic physicians committed to conservative and cooperative spinecare. The membership was expanded to include other disciplines to better serve patients through an integrated and more comprehensive approach. The organization currently represents chiropractic physicians, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, interventional radiologists, pain management specialists and rehabilitation specialists.






The AASP has implemented numerous national initiatives to help inform the public and patients about the spine, spine disorders and spinecare. The AASP reaches millions of patients with information about spinecare, lifestyle and product recommendations. The Academy currently reaches more than 100,000 physicians, office staff members, college faculty, medical faculty, residents and students.


Consumers are influenced less by traditional marketing approaches and are looking to national organizations and their health care providers for recommendations about spinecare and products which can be used to improve the health of the spine. The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP), like the American Heart Association (AHA), and the American Diabetes Association (ADA), is in a position of influence and, therefore, assumes the responsibility to educate the public and members of the healthcare profession about spinecare related topics. This is a big task and requires the team effort of professionals, educational institutions, organizations and corporate contributors. To improve spinehealth and to “shape the future of spinecare”, the AASP has called upon companies which serve the spinecare field to join forces with the Academy to implement the National Spinecare Awareness Campaign.



The mission of the National Spinecare Awareness Campaign is to:

§         Promote spine health through prevention, early detection and early intervention

§         Promote the development of integrated and evidence based spinecare facilites

§         Encourage a conservative and cooperative spinecare approach

§         Develop educational opportunities and resources for patients, the public and


§         Shape the future of spinecare and the development of spinecare facilites

§         Foster a working relationship between national and international spine related




Through the help of Corporate Partners, Educational Sponsors and Buying Advantage Progam Members, the AASP will launch six primary initiatives in 2008.  The initiatives are designed to reach critical groups within the healthcare system. The initiatives are designed to integrate and serve the following individuals and groups which serve the spinecare field.

§         Physicians

§         Students/Residents/Fellows

§         Non-Physician Members of the Spinecare Team

§         Researchers

§         Healthcare Administrators

§         Patients/Public

§         Media

§         Manufacturers and Distributors


Specialists of various healthcare disciplines have a growing appreciation for the complexity of the spine which encourages integration and interdisciplinary efforts. Cooperative and conservative intervention improves the outcome of spinecare. The American Academy of Spine Physicians is dedicated to shaping the future of spinecare by promoting education, promoting the use of new technology, advocating the application of advanced techniques and encouraging the use of online informational databases.





The following six educational initiatives have been developed by the AASP to help “Shape the Future of Spinecare”:


Educational Resource Center Initiative:

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) will provide each participating educational institution with a physically attractive multi-media spinecare resource center.  This resource center will consist of computer workstations and a display of detailed anatomical spine models.  The center will serve as a portal to the AASP website and to informational databases created and maintained by the AASP.   Future spine specialists in-training will be able to access all AASP resources, including online continuing education courses.  Candidate members of the AASP may apply education credits to Diplomate status with the American Academy of Spine Physicans (DAASP) and Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians (FACSP).


The AASP has plans to help design the “model” spinecare treatment room for educational center clinics.  Each room would be outfitted with leading edge technology, including evaluation/treatment tables, physiotherapy equipment, 30” flat screen monitors for displaying diagnostic imaging studies, accessing medical records and using the AASP online condition lookup library for patient education.  Use of the “model” environment will encourage the specialist in training to develop or become part of a practice which is state of the art.


Practice Development Resource Initiative:

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is committed to helping all of its members develop the best practice setting possible. Practicing physicians, chiropractic students and neurosurgical residents/fellows will be given an opportunity to access an online practice development (modeling) program.  This online technology will provide the user with an opportunity to design and “test drive” different types of spinecare facilites. The user can explore the acquisition of equipment, the development of a floor plan, implementation of technology and investigate the types of services they would like to offer.  This unique online resource will be used to identify compatible equipment and services. The resource can also be used to create an application for creative practice development financing.


The AASP has and will continue to develop patient educational resources for its members. The AASP currently has an online PowerPoint slide library and brochure library. Full members are entitled to access and download resources at no cost. This provides an unprecedented educational opportunity for members.


Members of the AASP are encouraged to build their practices using corporate members of the AASP Buying Advantage Progam.  Participants of this progam are required to provide “special offers” to members of the AASP. Some companies may have one or more products endorsed by the AASP. Members are encouraged to use companies which support the mission of the AASP.


Candidate Member Initiative:

The AASP recognizes that the best way to “shape the future of spinecare” is to reach future spine specialists in-training (students, residents and fellows) and provide them with the benefits of membership. The AASP developed the Candidate Membership status to provide future spine specialists with insight and resources they can use to plan and prepare for their future in practice. The AASP has developed a strategy which provides every future spine specialist an opportunity to become a candidate member of the Academy.  The AASP has invited companies which serve the spinecare field to assist in this endeavor. The AASP has provided numerous corporate opportunities including the Buying Advantage Progam, and the opportunity to become a Campaign Partner, Corporate Partner, and/or an Educational Sponsor.


Online Public Information Initiative:

The AASP is committed to educating patients, physicians and the public about the spine, spinecare and the role of spine specialists. To help accomplish these goals, the AASP has brought together a team of graphic artists, computer programmers, medical writers and physician consultants to develop and maintain one of the largest multimedia databases of “need-to-know” information about the spine and spinecare. This project is currently under way and will be completed and implemented during 2008. This virtual online database will serve as the primary information hub for the American Academy of Spine Physicians and the International Spine Association as well as other large organizations.


Find a Specialist Initiative:

The AASP developed and manages the National Directory of Spine Physicans (NDSP). Each member of the AASP is listed on the highly visible online Directory. Members have the option of including a full page professional profile and linking their practice website to the listing.  The Directory exists to assist the public and patients in their search for spine specialists who share the philosophy of conservative and cooperative spinecare.  The Directory has user friendly search functions which include search by name, specialty or geographic location. The AASP is currently working with the International Spine Association (ISA) to develop an International Directory of Spine Specialists. This directory is being designed to serve the public worldwide. Members of the AASP also will be listed in the International Directory


Spinecare Publication Initiative:

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has arranged for the development of an official publication for the public. The contributors are pre-eminent authorities on the subject including chiropractic physicians, neurologists, pain specialists and neurosurgeons. This effort is referred to as the Spinecare Publication Initiative. It is a pivotal resource in the National Spinecare Public Awareness Initiative. It will help bring attention to other AASP resources including the National Directory of Spine Physicians, the online Public Information Center (PIC) and the role of the International Spine Association (ISA). The content of the book is derived from the vast database of information and graphics developed for the online Public Information Center (PIC). The book will serve as a valuable resource for anyone who has a spine problem, including those who have neck or back pain. It will also serve as a valuable tool for physicians who wish to educate their patients.   The book covers a wide variety of “need-to-know” topics ranging from spinal anatomy to cutting-edge treatment options.


American Academy of Spine Physicians

Partnerships and Sponsorship Levels


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is committed to working with businesses and other healthcare organizations that are interested in helping advance the field of spinecare.  The AASP has developed corporate opportunities to further the mission.  Participating companies are acknowledged for their level of contribution. Financial commitments help to cover the cost of developing and implementing special initiatives, programs and resources. Each contributor is encouraged to offer creative solutions to their area of involvement. Corporate opportunities include the following.


Campaign Partner

The Campaign Partner status represents a premier relationship and the highest level of AASP support. The Campaign Partners support the infrastructure of the entire National Spinecare Awareness Campaign. The financial and non-financial contributions of the Campaign Partners also help facilitate the development and implementation of special programs and resources. The AASP is committed to working creatively with each of its Campaign Partners to establish unique opportunities which will benefit each other, benefit the AASP members and help advance the field of spinecare.


Corporate Partner

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) developed a Corporate Partner program for businesses and organizations who wish to obtain general recognition as well as recognition for supporting specifically the AASP and initiatives and programs of the National Spinecare Awareness Campaign. The Partner program provides each participating company with an opportunity to assist the AASP in its mission, while enhancing the visibility and marketing potential of the company.


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) provides an opportunity for the Corporate Partner to become acknowledged throughout the whole program as the primary supporter of one of the campaign initiatives or programs. A Corporate Partner can choose to support more than one initiative.


Each Corporate Partner will receive ongoing acknowledgment as a supporter of the AASP and as part of the initiative or program they sponsor. This provides two levels of marketing exposure. Corporate Partners will be invited by the AASP to support the program or the initiative of their choosing.


Educational Sponsor

The AASP developed the Educational Sponsor program to provide additional support for each of the Initiatives of the National Spinecare Awareness Campaign. It also provides participating companies with an opportunity to increase their exposure to members of the AASP.  Each initiative will have a primary contributor referred to as the Corporate Partner and Educational Sponsors.


For more information about corporate opportutnies click below.




All supporting organizations will be granted the right to use designated logos or banners in all advertising (print, electronic, web, etc.) during the defined Partner/Sponsor period:


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