Audio Visual Tour of AASP Member Benefits

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is committed to informing its members and potential members about the benefits of membership. The AASP provides an audiovisual overview or tutorial of some of the more unique member benefits.


The tutorial is offered in two formats; the electronic book presentation (eBook) presentation and the power point slide presentation. Each type of audiovisual tour is available online for quick and efficient access.


The tour can by accessed in one of three modes; the complete audiovisual presentation, the audio presentation or just the visual presentation. We suggest use of the combined approach to maximize the educational experience.


We encourage each AASP member to use the tutorial as an introductory guide and we also recommended that each member occasional revisit the tutorial for it will be frequently updated with new member benefits. The audiovisual tour can also be forwarded via email to a colleague.

Active Tours:


Overview AASP Member Benefits (High Speed)


Overview AASP Member Benefits (Low Speed)



Tours to come:


Overview AASP Member Website

Continuing Education Through the AASP

Practice Building Steps

Application Process


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