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Welcome to the website of the American Academy of Spine Physicians. The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is an organization of neurosurgeons and chiropractic physicians committed to conservative and cooperative spinecare. The AASP is the fastest growing and largest organization of its kind.


Chiropractors have the highest patient satisfaction levels for conservative spinecare. Neurosurgeonsí practices are approximately 80% spinecare, the highest percentage in the medical field. Together chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons can provide the full spectrum of spinecare.

The primary mission of the AASP is to facilitate a cooperative approach to spinecare, cultivate open dialogue and clinical interaction between members, promote continuing education for chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons and provide educational resources for physicians caring for patients with spinal disorders. The AASP is also committed to educating the public about the spine, spine health and spinecare.

As part of the Public Spinecare Awareness Initiative the AASP offers its endorsement to select products which promote spine health. The AASP recognizes that people should have access to products for care of the spine that accomplish the goals for which they are recommended. The AASP has recommended a variety of products for spine care with ONE PRODUCT in each category carrying the endorsement of the AASP. New product categories may be added in the future. The list of recommended products can be printed out in its entirety to be used as a reference.


If you would like to receive additional information about endorsement opportunities for your products, please contact us. You may click on the appropriate category  below to view how an endorsed product would be displayed on the AASP Recommended Products for Spine Health list. If your product is accepted for an AASP endorsement, you can provide the AASP with a link to a website or searchable database to help the consumer locate and/or order the product.


If you have a product you believe can be used to facilitate or promote spine health and the AASP does not offer a category for it, we invite you to contact us. You have the option of forwarding your  suggestions to the AASP via email.





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