Committment to Education

The American Academy of Spine Physicians is committed to education. The AASP is dedicated to providing unique and affordable continuing educational opportunities for physicians who care for patients with spinal disorders. Special opportunities are also provided for chiropractic students and neurosurgical residents who are candidate members of the AASP. Emphasis is placed upon providing economical home or office study options, which allow for broad and efficient dissemination of relevant information. Such educational opportunities will reach more physicians thus better serving the public.

The Academy's continuing education programs include the implementation of online opportunities and an array of written and multimedia resources. The AASP supports the concept of jointly sponsoring activities with organizations and educational facilities whose goals are compatible with the goals of the Academy.

Through education of its members and the public, the AASP can help improve the quality of spinecare. The AASP is dedicated to using all available methods and technologies to inform its members and the public about trends in spinecare while emphasizing the benefits of conservative and cooperative spinecare.

The AASP continuing education programs emphasize the anatomy, biomechanics, pathogenesis, diagnosis and care of the full spectrum of spinal disorders, the benefits of cooperative care, methods of early detection of spinal disorders and expanding therapeutic options available through the alliance of chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons. These educational opportunities will also promote clinical interaction between chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons which contributes to improved continuity and quality of spinecare. The continuing education opportunities also encourage personal growth and professional development of chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons.

The AASP will record the number of continuing education credits obtained through the Academy for members. The AASP will award Diplomate status and Fellow status to those AASP members who meet the designated level of educational achievement. The awarding of Diplomate or Fellow status with the AASP serves to inform healthcare professionals and the public of the higher level of education a physician has received through the organization.

The AASP is one of the only organizations of its kind to offer interdisciplinary post-doctoral designations of educational achievement to its members who meet the continuing education criteria. The highest level of educational distinction offered by the AASP is the Fellow status. The physicians who achieve this level of academic achievement will be designated as Fellow of the American College of Spine Physicians.

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