Why should I join the AASP if I already have a working relationship with a (chiropractic physician/neurosurgeon)

To increase your exposure to other physicians who may wish to refer to you. To obtain unique and affordable continuing educational opportunities. To have an opportunity to obtain unique patient educational resources which will improve the efficiency of the referral process such as the “Why Cooperative Spine Care” brochure. To have access to member services, which include the ability to download patient newsletters and press releases.

If I join the organization will it lead to more patient contact? Yes, if you use the member resources available.

How does recognition by neurosurgeons help me as a chiropractic physician?
The neurosurgeon is an esteemed (well respected) member of the medical community. Respect from neurosurgeons will increase exposure of the role of chiropractic physicians in the non-surgical care of spinal conditions. Medical physicians of various specialties will be influenced by the position of the neurosurgeon and may begin to refer more the chiropractic physician. Public acknowledgement of the role of the chiropractic physician in spine care by the neurosurgeon will promote public awareness. National alliance of the two professions through an organization such as the AASP will be unprecedented.

How does the cost of annual membership with the AASP compare to other organizations? The cost of other organizations typically ranges from 100.00 to 800.00 per year versus 250.00 for the annual AASP membership.

Will belonging to the organization help me as a chiropractic physician obtain staff privileges at hospital or medical facility? It may help. Membership to this organization demonstrates a personal commitment to interdisciplinary care when necessary. The member can download the potential benefits of cooperative care from the AASP website, which could be included in a proposal.

Will I receive patient referrals from the AASP ? One of the goals of the AASP is bring attention to member chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons who are dedicated to conservative care of spinal conditions and who are committed to interdisciplinary cooperative care when it is necessary. AASP member services, website resources and the member directory will help members receive referrals. If an individual contacts the AASP for a referral we will refer them to the member directory.

Will the Academy award any designation for participation in continuing education opportunities through the organization? Yes. The Academy is presently developing the criteria and guidelines for obtaining a Diplomate and Fellowship status with the AASP .

How will the physician member of the AASP be recognized with a Diplomate or Fellow status? When the program is available the member who meets the necessary educational criteria will be privileged to use the designation of Diplomate or Fellow of the American Academy of Spine Physicians and will be allowed to apply the respective letter designations after their name (D.A.A.S.P. or F.A.A.S.P.) The level of educational achievement will be denoted on the AASP member directory.

Do I have to maintain an active membership with the AASP to apply continuing education credits towards a Diplomate or Fellow status? Yes.

Is the membership fee for a calendar year or for one-year from the time I join? The membership is for a calendar year beginning on January 1st and expiring on December 31st of the same year.

Will there be a membership renewal fee? Yes. The membership must be renewed for each calendar year. (January 1st thru December 31st)

If I join the AASP during the middle or later part of the year will the membership fee be prorated? If you join after October 1st the membership fee will extend into the following calendar year.

Can I arrange to have an automatic withdrawal from my credit card or account for annual renewal to prevent my membership from lapsing? Yes. Please contact the AASP membership office to make arrangements.

Does the AASP accept credit cards? Yes. We presently accept Visa and MasterCard

Does membership in this organization bound me to make referrals to other members or a certain class of physicians? No.

Will the organization provide therapeutic recommendations? The organization will not provide therapeutic recommendations to physicians or to the general public. The organization will disseminate information, which may include information about other therapeutic opportunities, which are available. The AASP is a patient advocate and recognizes the importance of informed consent and the provision of reasonable therapeutic options by attending physicians.

Will there be any AASP sponsored symposia? The AASP plans to sponsor an annual scientific symposia beginning in 2003

Are all continuing medical education programs approved for CE or CME in my state? This may vary with each state and with the type of continuing education received. The AASP will attempt to obtain accreditation for CEU’s and CME’s in as many states as possible.

Are the continuing educational opportunities through the AASP affordable? Yes. The AASP provide an opportunity to participate in continuing education online or via home study. The cost ranges form 5.00-15.00 per credit which is significantly less that the average cost of a seminar particularly when considering transportation, housing and meals.

Will the AASP help me develop physician relationships in my geographic area? Yes. The AASP will provide resources to members and potential members to help develop interdisciplinary relationships and a regional network.

Is there a limit to the number of members within a geographic location? No.

Will the annual membership fee change each year? We do not have plans to increase the annual membership fee at this time.

Will the AASP be expanding the list of available educational resources? Yes. The AASP is in the process of expanding available educational opportunities to include an online patient newsletter that members will be able to download. The AASP will also implement an online archive of press releases which members will have access to. The AASP is developing an archive of online slide programs available for members to download.

Does the mission of this organization conflict with the push for chiropractic physicians to serve as primary care providers? No. This organization simply provides an opportunity for chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons to work together to improve the quality of spine care.

Does the AASP have any affiliation with managed care organizations, whether PPO or HMO? No.

How can I become more involved with the American Academy of Spine Physicians? Contact the AASP membership office.

Can I contribute to an online AASP publication? The opportunity is available. If you are interested please contact the AASP membership office.

Is there more than one category of membership with the AASP ? Yes. There are presently two categories of membership. Membership for practicing physicians and a candidate member status limited to chiropractic students, medical students and chiropractic or neurosurgical interns/residents.

Will the AASP continue to expand educational resources and products for members? Yes.

As a member of the AASP will I be able to provide input to the Academy Council? Yes. On the AASP website there is a designated area for communicating concerns or ideas. We encourage interaction with members.

Can I recommend or participate in the development of public relation initiatives, specific educational resources or products? Yes. Please contact the membership office to find out what opportunities are available.

Will being a member of the AASP reduce my malpractice risk? No, although applying knowledge gained through continuing education, cultivation of cooperative interdisciplinary relationships and making timely referrals when necessary will reduce your exposure to malpractice.

Can I obtain more than one personalized wall certificate? Yes. Three will be an additional fee for each certificate. Please contact the membership office.

What degrees of certification designations should I include on my certificate of membership? This is your choice but consider the length of your designations.

Will the AASP help me network with local neurosurgeons/chiropractic physicians? Yes.

If I provide you with the names and addresses of physicians I would like to network with will the AASP send information on my behalf? We provide a sample letter of introduction in the member acceptance packet and also provide brochures about the AASP , which can be sent with your introduction. You can also invite the physician to go to the AASP website at spinephysicians.org. The website provide physicians of either discipline the opportunity to learn about the others education, approach, the potential benefits of cooperative care and about the organization.

I belong to a lot of professional organizations already. How is this one different? This is an interdisciplinary organization unlike the state and national organizations. The AASP provides an opportunity to develop a strong alliance with a health care discipline that shares a similar scientific foundation in the areas of spinal biomechanics and neurology and who can provide compatible care with a conservative perspective.

Is there a similar organization out there? We are not aware of a similar organization, which limits membership to chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons.

What is the benefit of limiting membership to chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons? Limiting membership will help ensure the development of a stronger relationship (alliance) between the two professions. Chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons share common ground such as placing emphasis on the preservation or restoration of neurological integrity, preservation or restoration of biomechanical integrity whenever possible, and taking a conservative approach. Both disciplines are uniquely trained in neurology and appreciate the far-reaching consequences of neurological compromise. The neurosurgeon and the chiropractic physicians both emphasize care of the spine and their therapeutic approaches compliment each other.

What is the benefit of joining as a candidate member? Provides a unique opportunity for the student, resident or fellow to begin networking with physicians in the area where they will practice. Will simplify the application process for upgrading membership with the AASP . Will have access to educational resources for training at a significant discount including an interactive CD with spine anatomy.

Does the AASP or membership in the AASP take anything away from the “subluxation” oriented chiropractic practice? No. In fact, the AASP is dedicated to informing physicians and the public about the signs and symptoms of early stage spine disease, which include subluxation (segmental dysfunction) and the non-surgical therapeutic options available.

Will the AASP have any publications? Yes.

Can an application for AASP membership be completed online? Yes.

When will I receive a response from my application to the AASP ? The usual turn around time for application processing and review is one to two weeks.



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