Interactive Spine Chiropractic

Access the entire spine with this unique new teaching, training and reference tool from Primal Pictures with extensive chiropractic content. This outstanding CD-ROM from Primal features a 3D computer model of the anatomy of the entire vertebral column and spinal cord – from skin to bone. Using advanced medical imaging and computer graphic techniques, every feature can be seen and labeled in stunning 3D – or you can even correlate any view of the model with multi-planar MRI.


An essential tool for patient education, this CD-ROMwill also transform your presentations.

As a training tool, it is unsurpassed in conveying complex anatomical and pathological information as well as detailed coverage of therapeutic methods and rehabilitation.

Earn CPD credits by completing MCQ tests on-line (up to 20 hours study)


Anatomy Section

·         Complete spinal anatomy including a 3D model composed of over 1500 individually labeled structures

·         23 fully labeled dissection photos and 50 fully labeled axial slices from the Female Visible Human Data

·         Clinical anatomy text describing in detail all 1500 structures including:

-          Descriptions of all bones and bone regions of the vertebral column

-          Descriptions, range of motion animations and diagrams showing Joints, associated ligaments and capsules

-          Muscle and ligament attachment points

-          Muscle action video clips

-          Biomechanics text

Manipulative Therapy Section

·         Complete text covering Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and Sacral spine, coverage includes

-          Tests with accompanying videos Muscle testing

Orthopaedic testing, Motion Palpation

-          Manipulations/Adjustments all with accompanying video, with corresponding force-time histories superimposed

-          Rehabilitation all with accompanying video

-          Injuries


Minimum Requirements:

PC/Mac PC: (Win 95, 98, NT4, 2000) Pentium, min 32 MB RAM

Mac: Min 20 MB RAM 16 bit colour 604 processor upwards Mac OS 7.1 or higher

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