Interactive Spine

Access the entire Spine in 3D with this unique new teaching, training and reference tool from Primal Pictures. This world-leading anatomy and clinical pathology software features a 3D computer graphic model of the human spine. All individual anatomical features can be seen in detail, high resolution, and in three dimensions. Peel away over 20 layers from skin to bone and rotate the model at any stage.


Anatomy section:

·         Fully detailed 3D model of the entire vertebral column and spinal cord - cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral regions

·         Views of the deep muscles of the back, which are not normally included in conventional textbooks

·         Allows you to follow the entire route of a nerve as it emerges from the spinal cord as rootlets to its destination muscle and peel away the complicated layers of Erector Spinae

·         Anatomy text linked to over 40 fully labelled axial visible human slides.

·         Clinical text including coverage of radiology and linked to more than 60 pathology slides including MRI and CT.

·         10 surface anatomy action movies


MRI Section:

·         Correlate any view of the 3D model with 3 planar MRI – Axial, Coronal and Sagittal.



·         Over 200 clinical slides – including MRI, X-Ray, CT & Photographs

·         Simple fracture classification

·         Screw fixation animations that complement the clinical text



·         Range of motion animations

·         Fully labelled axial CT of the entire spine

·         Fully labelled colour axial images from the Female Visible Human Project

·         Fully labelled dissection slides

·         Quiz and MCQ section



·         Works on both PC and Mac

·         Import any image into your own private educational presentations, royalty free



Minimum Requirements:

PC: (Win 95, 98, NT4, 2000) Pentium, min 32 MB RAM

Mac: Min 20 MB RAM 16 bit colour 604 processor upwards Mac OS 7.1 or higher

AASP Member PRICE:$250.00

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